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Modeling Clay Deluxe Kit

About Modeling Clay Deluxe Kit

Packed with everything kids need to create colorful clay art, the Crayola Modeling Clay Deluxe Kit is ideal for school or home art projects. It contains 50 pieces, including 24 soft, pliable clay sticks along with a variety of tools and accessories to encourage kids to keep coming up with new ways to play.
Kids can use the two rolling pins to flatten out the clay, while the 12 cutters and 8 moulds make it easy to create fun shapes. For trimming and shaping, the kit also comes with three modeling tools. If kids need help coming up with ideas, the included creativity guide offers inspiring tips and examples.
Shape, build and sculpt. Modeling Clay provides unique benefits to children, enabling them to create in ways beyond the limitations of paper. Crayola Modeling Clay is soft and easy to mould, making it easier for kids to roll, shape, and design it into their own unique creations. Build fun into learning; triangles, rectangles, squares and balls are easy to make and combine in lots of different ways. You can build a house, clay mate, or a wiggly critter. Just let your imagination soar! The clay is non-hardening for hours of fun. Includes 24 x Clay Sticks, 12 x Shape Cutters, 3 x Modeling Tools, 8 x Shape Moulds, 2 x Rolling Pins, and Creativity Guide.
Age 4+