Tri-Arama Theatre

Tri-Arama Theatre craft

All the world's a stage when your children create this scene-stealing art. Kids add creative drama to their lives with this 3-dimensional theater.

  • 1.

    With Crayola® Scissors cut a recycled file folder or thin cardboard into a large square. Fold the bottom right hand corner up to the top left hand corner and crease. Fold the opposite corner and crease. Cut on one of the creases from the bottom to the middle, which creates two flaps for the stage floor.

  • 2.

    With Crayola Washable Markers, draw a scene and decorate two walls of your Tri-Arama Theatre. Decorate one of the flaps as the stage floor.

  • 3.

    Pull the bottom two triangle flaps together with the decorated one on top. Seal with Crayola Glue Sticks to create a 3-D triangle-shaped stage that stands on its own.

  • 4.

    Make several tri-arama stages so you have scenery for several different plays. Make figures or finger puppets to act out stories.