Twist & Turn Maze

Twist & Turn Maze craft

Draw mazes that challenge your friends! Can they find their way through your Twists & Turns?

  • 1.

    The first mazes, built 4,000 years ago, were paths for walking. Today, you can look at pictures of different kinds of mazes. Try to solve the paths, even if they seem difficult at first. If you live near a hedge or corn (maize) maze you can walk through, explore it with your family.

  • 2.

    Before you draw a maze, remember these hints: Draw the walls of the maze, not the path through it. Imagine that the walls you draw are solid, and the spaces you leave white are paths on which people would walk. Make the start and finish easy to find. Add dead ends to make your maze more challenging (but don’t frustrate players by making your maze impossible to solve).

  • 3.

    The simplest maze you can draw is a spiral, because these mazes spiral in toward the center, even though they twist and turn as they go. Start with these mazes if you have never drawn one before.

  • 4.

    Draw your maze with Crayola® Twistables™ on white paper. The more mazes you draw, the better you get at creating these puzzles!

  • 5.

    Amaze your friends! Challenge them to solve the Twistables mazes you design. Try unusual shapes such as animals, plants, your state or province, or anything else you can imagine!