Zoom Around on Your Own Cycle

Zoom Around on Your Own Cycle craft

Design a motorcycle you can ride anytime, anywhere—in your imagination! Make your bike blast off with special effects such as flames in the exhaust.

  • 1.

    Most motorcycles have two wheels, heavy frames, and uncovered engines. But look at motorcycles on the road, in parking lots, and in magazines and you’ll see that each bike is a work of art. Decide what kind of motorcycle you dream of riding. What kind of body style, tires, seat, handle bars, and exhaust system would you choose? Use your imagination and Crayola Black Color Explosion™ Paper and Markers to create your dream machine. Here’s an easy way to draw a bike, or use your own ideas.

  • 2.

    Start with a Y on a slant to be the fork (show it from the side so it will look like a single line) and handlebars. Add short lines perpendicular to the tips of the Y to make the handlebar grips. Add a small circle to the bottom of the Y to make the center of the wheel. A large curved line around that circle is the tire and another curve over the top is the wheel guard.

  • 3.

    Add the fuel tank—a curved line like a long comma on its side—behind the handlebars and a long rectangular seat behind it. Draw lines for the engine and frame below the gas tank and seat. Add a muffler and the back tire below the seat.

  • 4.

    Use Crayola Glitter Glue and your imagination to add cool details to your bike. Flames can even shoot from the exhaust! Air-dry the glue before you put on your helmet and go for a spin. For even more fun, create bikes with your friends and go cruisin’!