Do you offer helpful tips for using the Color Wonder Magic Light Brush?

1. The paint strip must be snapped into the base until it clicks for the Magic Light Brush to operate, with the power switch in the "on" position. The unit is "on" when the switch is under the solid black circle. The empty black circle indicates "off".

2. Check the brush tip to be sure it is tightened securely. To activate the light brush, hold the brush tip over a single paint pot. Watch the bristles turn the color of the paint inside. Dip the bristles into the color you want and start painting on the coloring book page (a thin layer of paint works best). The brush tip will stay illuminated for approximately 5 to 8 seconds while it goes from paint to paper.

3. The Magic Light Brush will automatically turn off after 3 minutes if unused. Turn the power switch off and then on to reactivate.

4. The paints should be stored with the lids snapped shut to prevent them from drying out.