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  1. Sea Stars on the Ocean Floor—A Mini Diorama lesson plan

    Sea Stars on the Ocean Floor—A Mini Diorama

    Sea stars are often called starfish, although they are not actually fish. Discover what other amazing things you can lea

  2. Sealed With a Chop lesson plan

    Sealed With a Chop

    On Chinese poetry and art, a small red square announces, "I made this." Design your own Chinese character stamp, called

  3. Seasonal Camouflage lesson plan

    Seasonal Camouflage

    Explore why the ability to change color with the seasons is so important to animals. Draw a snowshoe hare, or another cr

  4. Seasonal Circles lesson plan

    Seasonal Circles

    What changes along with the seasons? Plants? Animal coats? What you wear? The weather? Sports? Show the highlights of ea

  5. Secret Agents lesson plan

    Secret Agents

    Become a sleuth and get to know new classmates. Who can crack the codes? Solve mysteries about your friends!

  6. Secret Messages lesson plan

    Secret Messages

    Create a picture symbol code, then write mysterious messages with Crayola® Colored Pencils.

  7. Secret Scroll lesson plan

    Secret Scroll

    What's the secret message? Create a secret code and antique-looking paper. Who can decipher what you wrote on your scrol

  8. Seeing Yourself lesson plan

    Seeing Yourself

    Here's a great way to make a life-sized self-portrait - on a mirror with Crayola® Washable Window Markers or Crayola Win

  9. See-Through Body lesson plan

    See-Through Body

    What if you could you see inside yourself with X-ray vision? Use Crayola® Washable Window Markers or Crayola Window Cray

  10. Sensational Science Fair Presentation lesson plan

    Sensational Science Fair Presentation

    Present your science fair project so the display is as exciting as the results of your research.

  11. Sentence Sense lesson plan

    Sentence Sense

    Punctuation marks may be small, but they are powerful! Sharpen your knowledge of sentence structure, grammar, expression

  12. Serendipity Shape Collages lesson plan

    Serendipity Shape Collages

    Inside a folded geometric shape, place a drop of Crayola Glitter It! Mixing Medium and paint. Fold and then open it for

  13. Setting The Scene With Paint lesson plan

    Setting The Scene With Paint

    Use stencil, printing, and stamping techniques to create unique story settings.

  14. Shadow Puppets lesson plan

    Shadow Puppets

    Capture shadow puppets by tracing them and turning them into stick puppets.

  15. Shapes & Angles lesson plan

    Shapes & Angles

    What's left in art when you take away anything that looks like something? Kandinsky did it---leaving color, line, shapes

  16. Shaping Up With Picasso lesson plan

    Shaping Up With Picasso

    Look at the world like Pablo Picasso did, analyzing geometric patterns. Create a Cubist still life, focusing on the shap

  17. Sheep to Sweaters lesson plan

    Sheep to Sweaters

    Find out how sheep fleece is turned into wool yarn by hand, then show what you know in a 3-D shadowbox.

  18. Shimmering Waterfall lesson plan

    Shimmering Waterfall

    Did you know that the largest waterfall in the world is underwater? Learn more about the Earth’s waterfalls and create a

  19. Shining Sentiments

    Shining Sentiments

    ‘Tis the season to shine! What word captures how you feel about the holidays?

  20. Short Story Stick-Puppet Stars lesson plan

    Short Story Stick-Puppet Stars

    Short stories come to life with captivating puppets—and engage students from start to finish. Script writing and puppet

  21. Show Your School Spirit Banner

    Boost your classroom or team’s confidence with this colorful banner—made by a small group. Decorate it with your school

  22. Showcase Your Caring Community lesson plan

    Showcase Your Caring Community

    Showcase your community’s leaders by creating colorful banners honoring their commitment and service.

  23. Siesta Pillow lesson plan

    Siesta Pillow

    Explore daily life in Mexico, particularly the practice of the midday siesta. Use Crayola® Fabric Crayons to design a s

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