Books, Books, Books

Books, Books, Books lesson plan

  • 1.

    At every opportunity, build enthusiasm for books and reading. Choose children's books with captivating text and artistic illustrations. Read stories with drama. Ask open-ended questions.

  • 2.

    Tell stories, use flannel boards and puppets, write and reenact stories.

  • 3.

    Visit the library often. Go to a bookstore. See how newspapers or books are written, compiled, and printed.

  • 4.

    Choose an interesting topic and story. Ask an adult to help with any new words, or dictate your story to them.

  • 5.

    On white paper, write and illustrate your story with Crayola® Washable Markers, Crayons, and/or Colored Pencils.

  • 6.

    Make a cover with a file folder. Use Crayola® Scissors to cut it to book size.

  • 7.

    Write the book title and author and illustrator's name (that's you) on the cover. Illustrate the front and back to encourage others to read your book.

  • 8.

    Staple the book inside its cover.


  • Letters, Numbers & Words
  • Listening
  • Reading Pictures
  • Stories
  • Vocabulary
  • Physical: Eye - Hand Coordination
  • Physical: Small Muscles
  • Social & Emotional: Flexibility
  • Social & Emotional: Pretend Play
  • Thinking: Creating
  • Thinking: Problem Solving