Victoria Day Maypole

Victoria Day Maypole lesson plan

Happy birthday, Queen Victoria! In parts of Canada, the Monday before May 25 is still celebrated to honor this famous queen. Join in the Maypole dancing.

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    Every year, people in Victoria, British Columbia, celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday with Maypole dancing in front of the grand Parliament building. Why do hundreds of children participate in this event? Why is it not celebrated in Quebec? Find out more about this unique holiday! Here are a few ideas of ways to show the festivities in honor of Queen Victoria, whose British reign ended more than a century ago. Use your own imagination to create a 3-D project!

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    <STRONG>Make a triarama</STRONG>. Cut a recycled file folder into a large square with Crayola® Scissors. Fold it in half, point to point. Open and fold it in half the other way. Open the fold. Cut along one of these folds from a corner to the center. Slide one flap under the other to see how your triarama will stand up and then lay it flat.

  • 3.

    <STRONG>Draw the festive scene.</STRONG> Sketch the Parliament building and Canadian flag with Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils. If you change your mind, or to add highlights like windows, just erase! Decorate just one of the flaps made by your cut. Color your drawing with Crayola Twistables.

  • 4.

    <STRONG>Assemble your triarama</STRONG>. Overlap the two flaps with the decorated one on top. Hold them in place with Crayola School Glue. Color and then curl a leftover piece of file folder into a Maypole. Cut short fringe at one end and glue it to your triarama.

  • 5.

    <STRONG>Make streamers.</STRONG> Color long paper strips with Crayola Markers. Cut and then glue the streamers to the Maypole. When the scene is dry, let the dancing begin!


  • Students research the history and current status of Victoria Day in Canada, including why the people of Quebec do not celebrate this holiday.
  • Students create a triarama showing a Maypole in front of the British Columbian Parliament building.


  • Children with special needs could create a larger Maypole with a recycled cardboard tube. Each child could decorate a long streamer to attach to the pole.
  • Where else are Maypoles used for dancing on May 1? What do those celebrations honor? Make a life-size Maypole and learn how to dance!
  • Research other activities on Victoria Day in Canada. Some people have a Pumpkin Planting Party and others celebrate Bread and Cheese Day.
  • Find out about Fete de Dollard-des-Ormeaux Day or Patriotes Day, celebrated in Quebec.
  • Assessment: Look for accuracy in the Parliament building and Canadian flag as well as creativity in the rest of the scene.