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  1. Salty Snow Silhouette lesson plan

    Salty Snow Silhouette

    Design a stark winter landscape with long shadows. Show silhouettes of trees, snowboarders, sleighs, or other winter sce

  2. Samoan Siapo Bark Cloth lesson plan

    Samoan Siapo Bark Cloth

    Create your own version of beautiful Somoan Siapo bark cloth using a brown paper bag. Use your knowledge of geometry, to

  3. Sandcastle Rooflines lesson plan

    Sandcastle Rooflines

    Recycle plastic containers into an Art Nouveau sandcastle that gleams in the light. Build your masterpiece in the celebr

  4. Santa Lucia Crown lesson plan

    Santa Lucia Crown

    St. Lucia Day is a family Advent tradition in Scandinavia and Italy. These crowns are worn by girls as part of their cel

  5. Saturn's Brilliant Rings lesson plan

    Saturn's Brilliant Rings

    Rocket into space! Create a compelling dimensional picture of what you are learning about Saturn and the fascinating rin

  6. Save the Sphinx! lesson plan

    Save the Sphinx!

    Egypt’s Great Sphinx may be the original lion king! Join archaeologists working to conserve this amazing ancient monumen

  7. Scarab Beetle lesson plan

    Scarab Beetle

    Studying pyramids and mummies? Craft a replica of an amulet. This pendant gleams with symbols of Ancient Egypt!

  8. School Days Picture lesson plan

    School Days Picture

    Looking for a way to make your school photo look truly unique? Create your own one-of-a-kind picture frame to give as a

  9. School Fair Cakewalk lesson plan

    School Fair Cakewalk

    Planning a school carnival or fundraiser? Use Crayola® Washable Sidewalk Paint to create a festive atmosphere, exciting

  10. School Mandala lesson plan

    School Mandala

    School can seem like a world of its own! Represent your school in a symmetrical mandala, and create new colors with this

  11. School Memories lesson plan

    School Memories

    Save classmates’ autographs. Collect school photos. It’s easy to make a colorful book to hold a year’s worth of your bes

  12. School Rules Scroll lesson plan

    School Rules Scroll

    Work together to agree on a set of rules for the classroom, school cafeteria, and playground. Write and illustrate rule

  13. Scrolling Along lesson plan

    Scrolling Along

    Share the excitement of a favorite book! With this colorful fabric scroll book report, you’ll unfurl the action one scen

  14. Scuba Aruba lesson plan

    Scuba Aruba

    Create a mixed media collage displaying information about scuba diving equipment and safety.

  15. Sea Stars on the Ocean Floor—A Mini Diorama lesson plan

    Sea Stars on the Ocean Floor—A Mini Diorama

    Sea stars are often called starfish, although they are not actually fish. Discover what other amazing things you can lea

  16. Sealed With a Chop lesson plan

    Sealed With a Chop

    On Chinese poetry and art, a small red square announces, "I made this." Design your own Chinese character stamp, called

  17. Seasonal Camouflage lesson plan

    Seasonal Camouflage

    Explore why the ability to change color with the seasons is so important to animals. Draw a snowshoe hare, or another cr

  18. Seasonal Circles lesson plan

    Seasonal Circles

    What changes along with the seasons? Plants? Animal coats? What you wear? The weather? Sports? Show the highlights of ea

  19. Secret Agents lesson plan

    Secret Agents

    Become a sleuth and get to know new classmates. Who can crack the codes? Solve mysteries about your friends!

  20. Secret Messages lesson plan

    Secret Messages

    Create a picture symbol code, then write mysterious messages with Crayola® Colored Pencils.

  21. Secret Scroll lesson plan

    Secret Scroll

    What's the secret message? Create a secret code and antique-looking paper. Who can decipher what you wrote on your scrol

  22. Seeing Yourself lesson plan

    Seeing Yourself

    Here's a great way to make a life-sized self-portrait - on a mirror with Crayola® Washable Window Markers or Crayola Win

  23. Sensational Science Fair Presentation lesson plan

    Sensational Science Fair Presentation

    Present your science fair project so the display is as exciting as the results of your research.

  24. Sentence Sense lesson plan

    Sentence Sense

    Punctuation marks may be small, but they are powerful! Sharpen your knowledge of sentence structure, grammar, expression

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