Poetry in Triple Textures

Poetry in Triple Textures lesson plan

Paint first, and then write poetry! Express original ideas with picturesque words and appealing textures!

  • 1.

    On oak tag, use Crayola Colored Pencils to sketch a picture that could inspire you to write poetry. Choose a topic that lends itself well to rough textures, pearlized surfaces, or glittery areas. Consider depicting cultural artifacts, feelings, science topics, or recent events.

  • 2.

    Cover your art area with newspaper. On a paper plate or other palette, swirl a tiny amount of Crayola Tempera Paint with your choice of Crayola Tempera Mixing Mediums—Pearl It! Texture It! or Glitter It! The swirls will create extra interest in the spaces you paint.

  • 3.

    Paint your drawing. For best results, let areas air-dry before painting next to them. Try to use all three textured media. Fill some spaces with just paint for contrast. Air-dry your painting.

  • 4.

    Which areas of your painting are highlighted with a Crayola Tempera Mixing Medium? Consider focusing on these when you draft your poem. Will it rhyme? If so, what rhyming pattern will you use? Edit your poem and write a final draft on lined paper. Display your language and visual art project. Textures will really be the center of attention!


  • Students compare and contrast visual and tactile textures.
  • Students create a painting that highlights one or more textures.
  • Students express these textures in a poem to accompany their art.
  • Students recognize that words can express the visual sensation of art.


  • Create several different pieces in this manner to illustrate an original story. Bind the art and text in books.
  • Write poetry first and then create the art to accompany it.
  • Create art inspired by a poem you read as a group.
  • Paint and write on a common theme that everyone in the class uses. Compare and contrast the unique results.
  • Assessment: Students will be successful if they have created art and a poem that are related. Projects can be assessed individually and also as a group.