Pointillism lesson plan

We’re making a point to break the mold on Pointillism! Experiment with different materials and techniques as you explore the art of Seurat & Signac.

  • 1.

    Explore the style of art called Pointillism. Artists Georges Seurat and Paul Signac are very well known for their contributions to the Pointillism movement. They combined tiny dots of color to create a painting. From a distance, the dots blend together to form a picture! What examples of their works can you find? How do these artists use paintbrushes and colors in unique ways?

  • 2.

    What other materials can be used to create a pointillist picture? Experiment with a variety of products like Crayola Markers, Crayola Slick Stix™, and even Crayola Model Magic® Presto Dots™!

  • 3.

    To use Markers and Slick Stix, gently press down onto paper to create colorful dots. Slick Stix contain pigments that may stain clothing, fabrics and other household surfaces. Wear a smock to protect clothing and cover your work surface with newspaper. Blend colors by placing dots close together to give the illusion of another color. For example, dots of blue and yellow near each other will appear green from far away!

  • 4.

    Flatten a small amount of Model Magic on a hard surface like a table. Press a circular Presto Dots tool firmly into the flattened Model Magic and lift to create a Model Magic dot! Model Magic that is fresh from the pack will stick to itself. Dried pieces can be glued together. You may need some glue to stick Model Magic dots to your paper. Combine a variety of different colored dots to create interesting Pointillism effects!

  • 5.

    On a sheet of heavy white paper or oak tag, design your own Pointillism picture. Choose a bright, colorful subject, like a sunny apple orchard you’ve visited or your favorite sporting event. You may wish you sketch out your drawing with colored pencils or

  • 6.

    Choose any of the Markers, Slick Stix, or Presto Dots to make the dots for your drawing, or combine all the materials for a really intriguing image!


  • Students will research the artwork of Georges Seurat and Paul Signac to explore Pointillism.
  • Students will identify painting techniques and uses of color that are unique to the Pointillism movement.
  • Students will experiment with a variety of media to produce new pointillism techniques.
  • Students will apply the techniques they discover to their own creative works of art.


  • Let the colors of nature inspire you! Seurat and Signac often featured landscapes in their paintings. Take the class outside for a study of light, shadow, and colors and create a Pointillism landscape!
  • Challenge older and more advanced students to use warm and cool colors when creating highlights and shadows. How does this make the drawing more realistic?
  • Pointillism artists drew their inspiration from another style of art called Impressionism, which uses loose brushstrokes of color to create movement in paintings. Swirl and blend colors of Model Magic to give an Impressionist style to your Presto Dots before adding them to your drawing!
  • Share your drawings with the class. Compare each student’s use of the materials and colors. Do your dots of color blend to create a picture the way Seurat and Signac’s do?