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Everything you need to unleash kids imaginations.

  1. Made In America

    Made In America

    The great American crayon for great American imaginations.

  2. Marker Maker Demo

    Marker Maker Demo

    Create your own unique markers with the Marker Maker by selecting a color from the mixing guide, or create your own uniq

  3. Marker Maker TVC

    Marker Maker TVC

    Must Watch Toy Videos From Around The World. Toys, Videos, Kids, Kid Videos, Barbie, Lego, Stop Motion.

  4. Meltdown Art Set Demo

    Meltdown Art Set Demo

    CAUTION: This activity involves melting Crayola Crayons. Melted crayon wax may be hot to the touch. Adult supervision is

  5. Model Magic® Presto Dots™

    Model Magic® Presto Dots™

    Create art with Fun, Bumpy, 3-D Texture! Kids can create colorful puffy creatures with the new Presto Dots tool. Just g

  6. Mom's Perfect Purse

    Mom's Perfect Purse

    Looking for the perfect Mothers Day surprise for Mom? Your one-of-a-kind paper purse is sure to make her smile, especial

  7. Mother's Day Art-velopes

    Mother's Day Art-velopes

    Moms love kids artwork! Heres a quick way to turn any drawing, painting, or doodle into a quick and easy gift.

  8. Neon Color Explosion Pouch

    Neon Color Explosion Pouch

    Use Neon Color Explosion paper to make different color pouches. You can even make one for every month of the year! Give

  9. Neon Holiday Trees

    Neon Holiday Trees

    Provides intense colors & limitless creativity on dark surfaces. Bright, neon colors make artwork to stand out. Dual-sid

  10. Paint Maker Demo

    Paint Maker Demo

    With the Crayola Paint Maker, kids can develop and name their own custom paint colors, putting them in control of their

  11. Paper Shape Gift Tag

    Paper Shape Gift Tag

    Create easy ornaments from pairs of paper shapes and bright colors!

  12. Presto Dot Bunny

    Presto Dot Bunny

    You may not pull this bunny out of a hat, but with Crayola Model Magic Presto Dots, you'll be saying "PRESTO!" while cre

  13. Presto-Dots Wreaths

    Presto-Dots Wreaths

    Crayola® Model Magic® adds a new dimension to creating art. Model Magic is a soft, easy-to-use modeling material that le

  14. Projector Light Designer Demo

    Projector Light Designer Demo

    Project your drawings up to 20 times larger on walls and ceilings with the Projector Light Designer from Crayola.

  15. Sketch Wizard Demo

    Sketch Wizard Demo

    Draw almost any flat image or dimensional figure! Sketch Wizard projects a ghosted image on paper, making it easy to rec

  16. Sketch Wizard TVC

    Sketch Wizard TVC

    Draw almost any flat image or dimensional figure! Kids want to draw what they see, but often their natural ability isn't

  17. Slick Stix

    Slick Stix

    Crayola Twistables Slick Stix™ Crayons - Twist up the fun! Crayola Super Smooth Twistables require no peeling or sharpen

  18. Spider Treat Sitter

    Spider Treat Sitter

    Guess who's coming to Trick or Treat? A giant, colorful spider full of treats to share!

  19. Spin-a-Web Treat Bags

    Spin-a-Web Treat Bags

    These easy spider web treat bags are perfect for a trick-or-treat party -- or a scary birthday any time!

  20. Spira-Chalk Blaster

    Spira-Chalk Blaster

    Turn chalk into a spinning top! Load a piece of chalk into the spinner ring, snap on the launcher handle, and wind it up

  21. Spooky Sidewalks

    Spooky Sidewalks

    Enhances outdoor creations; brighter & bolder. Works in all Outdoor Chalk Tools. Non staining on most surfaces. Easily w

  22. Stand-Up Valentine

    Stand-Up Valentine

    Valentines dont need to be flat hearts that lay there on the table. Give yours a little more "wow" with bright Crayola C

  23. Story Studio™ Princess Demo

    Story Studio™ Princess Demo

    Upload a photo of you and appear in the pages of an adventure with your favorite characters! Print, color and bind your

  24. Story Studio™ Spiderman Demo

    Story Studio™ Spiderman Demo

    Upload a photo of you and appear in the pages of an adventure with your favorite characters! Print, color and bind your