Big Beautiful Flowers

Big Beautiful Flowers craft

Watercolors and flowers are the perfect combination. Kids' science and art skills blossom as they experiment with an array of flower colors and shapes.

  • 1.

    Look at a flower, garden, bouquet, paintings, or photographs of flowers. Notice the colors and shapes of the leaves and petals. Imagine some big, colorful blossoms.

  • 2.

    Cover your work area with newspaper. Paint a flower, or a whole bouquet of blossoms, with Crayola® Washable Watercolors and Watercolor Brushes. Fill the paper with color.

  • 3.

    Experiment with how much water you use. To get intense colors use more paint and less water. Mix colors to create new tints and shades. Dry.

  • 4.

    Plants have many parts that keep flowers alive and growing. If you like, paint a second flower that includes the roots, stem, leaves, and petals. Dry.

  • 5.

    Which painting do you find most interesting? Why?