Big-as-Life Peacock

Big-as-Life Peacock craft

Did you ever see a peacock spread its plumes like a beautiful iridescent fan? Paint a gorgeous peacock with Color Wonder™ Glitter Paint!

  • 1.

    Unfold your huge sheet of Crayola Color Wonder Paper. Remove the plastic pegs from your Color Wonder Glitter Paint brushes so the paint can flow. Here’s one way to paint a glorious, glittering peacock!

  • 2.

    Low on the center of the paper, paint a large teardrop for the peacock’s body. Add a round head and a pointed beak. Dot on a sparkling eye.

  • 3.

    Going out from the body of your peacock, paint different colors of sparkly lines. Curl the lines at the ends to form feathers. Paint round "eyes" on the feather tips. Paint feet on the bottom of your magnificent bird. Air-dry the paint.

  • 4.

    Your peacock is ready to display for everyone to admire its plumage!