Bones & Body Parts

Bones & Body Parts craft

With a friend, draw your "insides" in a life-size chalk portrait.

  • 1.

    The insides of human bodies are beautiful, complex systems of muscles, bones, organs, and more. How do you imagine you look inside out? Look at pictures to learn more about what’s inside your body.

  • 2.

    Ask an adult to help you find a safe place to draw outdoors. Make sure you get permission to mark the area with chalk. Have a partner lie down on the sidewalk. With Crayola Sidewalk Chalk, outline your friend’s body. Switch places and trace your body.

  • 3.

    Work together on one body at a time or fill in your own bodies with bones and body parts. Feel the shape of bones in your hands, arms, and legs. Visualize the colors—or use contrasting colors to highlight different parts.

  • 4.

    For variations, draw only muscles, bones, or joints (where muscles and bones connect). Or draw you internal organs—whatever you like!