DIY Ring Toss

DIY Ring Toss

Ring it on! This easy paper plate craft at home makes a DIY ring toss game for kids using Crayola supplies and items you already have on hand.

  • 1.

    Stand paper towel roll upright in middle of plate. Trace circle outline with pencil.

    Step 1
  • 2.

    Cut out circle, creating small hole in plate.

    Step 2
  • 3.

    Paint paper towel roll. Dry 1–2 hours.

    Step 3
  • 4.

    Flip paper plate with hole upside-down and paint. Dry 1–2 hours.

    Step 4
  • 5.

    Cut small slits in bottom of paper towel roll, approximately 1cm apart.

    Step 5
  • 6.

    Lightly fan out slits and tape down in middle of new paper plate.

    Step 6
  • 7.

    Slide paper plate with small hole down paper towel roll to complete ring toss base.

    Step 7
  • 8.

    Cut large holes in 4–5 additional paper plates and paint. Dry 1–2 hours.

    Step 8
  • 9.

    Toss paper plate rings toward base, trying to land the plates around the paper towel roll.

    Step 9