Lenape Indian Bandolier Bag

Lenape Indian Bandolier Bag craft

The Bandolier was an important part of a Lenape (Delaware) man's traditional clothing. Learn about the Lenape Indians as you create a beautiful replica.

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    The Lenape or Delaware people were the Native American inhabitants of the land surrounding what is now called the Delaware River. They were among the very first Native Americans with whom the European settlers came into contact in the 1600s.

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    Although the traditional wear of Lenape men was similar to other tribes (fringed pants and cotton blouses), they also carried an ornate, beaded bag. This bag, called a Bandolier, had a wide, fully beaded strap, which was connected to a beaded bag. These bags are a favorite of collectors because of their beauty.

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    To create your own version of the Lenape Indian Bandolier Bag, begin with a small brown paper lunch bag. Fold over the top fourth of the bag. Cut this folded area into fringes.

  • 4.

    Cut a strip of brown paper from another bag. Glue the strip to the bottom of the bag. Cut fringes into this strip as well.

  • 5.

    Cut a long, wide strip of paper from a large, recycled brown grocery bag. Make the strip long so you can wear it over your shoulder. Make the strip about as wide as your hand. Cut three or more finger-shaped fringes into each end of the strip.

  • 6.

    Use Crayola Markers to create colorful, authentic designs on both the shoulder strap and the bag you created. Use dots in your patterns to represent ornate beadwork created by the Lenape people. Traditional beadwork contained designs based on nature and g

  • 7.

    When you are finished decorating the strap and the bag, connect them. Place the bag over the strap, above the finger-shaped fringes. Glue the bag in place. Air dry your Lenape Indian Bandolier Bag flat before you wear it.