Queen of Hearts Card

Queen of Hearts Card craft

This intriguing queen pops up in different places in literature and games. Visually express her symbolic personality on a card or party invitations.

  • 1.

    When you send a card, you send a message. What better message to send than love? And who better to send it than the Queen of Hearts? This queen can be found in several common places. Look at different packs of playing cards to see how she is portrayed. What is always shown on her card? What things are different?

  • 2.

    One Mother Goose rhyme is about the Queen of Hearts and some tarts. Does that poem give you some ideas about what activities this famous queen liked to do?

  • 3.

    And then there is her dramatic portrayal in Alice in Wonderland. Does she seem like the same queen that Mother Goose wrote about as she orders people around?

  • 4.

    Fold a piece of white paper in half. Using Crayola® Crayons and Washable Markers, draw a detailed portrait of your idea of the Queen of Hearts.

  • 5.

    Write your message inside the card. Or make up your own game with this and other cards.