Totem To Tell a Story

Totem To Tell a Story craft

Kids are eager to learn about Canada's ancient and contemporary native artists. Here's how to sculpt a totem pole replica.

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    Totem poles traditionally are tall wood carvings of animal heads and/or bodies. They are used to tell stories or legends, as Native Peoples have for centuries. Only a few northwest Native Americans create these beautiful wood carvings, including the Canadian Haidas. Learn about Haida customs, their skill in carving beautiful and intricate totem poles, and how the wonders of nature inspire them to carve these designs.

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    To sculpt your own totem pole, use Crayola® Model Magic® to create four or five birds or animals. They might have beaks and feet, tails, or folded wings. If you use white Model Magic, color the totem pole using Crayola Washable Markers, either before or after sculpting.

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    Place the animals on top of each other, one at a time. For more stability, put toothpicks inside. At the top of the totem pole, you may wish to add a bird's wings, such as a thunderbird. Dry.