Witchy Windows

Witchy Windows craft

Greet trick-or-treaters with a scare! Kids design this surprising light-up costume for your front window. Your whole family could fill the window!

  • 1.

    To begin your Witchy Window decoration, stand close and look through your front window. Notice where your face is on the window. Draw a life-sized oval for your face on the inside of the glass with Crayola® Washable Window Markers.

  • 2.

    How to dress your Witchy Window? How about a pointed hat and a cloak, as well as wild, witchy hair! Working inside the window, use your Window Markers to outline your witch with a colorful costume and hairdo. Be creative! Fill in the areas you drew with marker colors, leaving the face area blank. The more colors you use, the more surprising the effect of your costume will be!

  • 3.

    To use your Witchy Window, stand inside with the lights off when you expect trick-or-treaters. Ask an adult to switch on the inside lights when your guests come to the door! You will appear in the witch "costume" you drew to surprise your guests! Just wipe away the drawings with a damp paper towel, dry, and draw again.