Shape Patterns

Shape Patterns lesson plan

  • 1.

    Hang a clothesline in a low, safe area, away from traffic. Place about two dozen clip clothespins in a container nearby.

  • 2.

    Children may have made similar shape patterns with large wooden beads, for example. This takes pattern making to a more advanced level.

  • 3.

    Make sure children do as much of this activity as possible so they become familiar with shapes and increase their fine-motor coordination.

  • 4.

    Choose three different colors of construction paper, one for each shape.

  • 5.

    On one color, use a Crayola® Washable Marker to draw about 10 squares. Use another color for triangles, and the third for circles. Make the shapes as close to the same size as possible.

  • 6.

    Cut out your shapes with Crayola® Scissors.

  • 7.

    Hang your shapes in a repeating pattern on the clothesline, such as circle, 2 squares, circle, 2 squares, circle, 2 squares.

  • 8.

    Draw your pattern on white paper, using the same marker color you used for each of your shapes.

  • 9.

    Make new patterns, and draw those. Save your patterns. Exchange them with friends to try new ideas.


  • Reading Pictures
  • Vocabulary
  • Physical: Eye - Hand Coordination
  • Physical: Small Muscles
  • Social & Emotional: Flexibility
  • Thinking: Observing
  • Thinking: Problem Solving
  • Thinking: Understanding Concepts