Who's Who in the Zoo?

Who's Who in the Zoo? lesson plan

  • 1.

    Young children begin to develop a sense of what goes on behind the scenes in a zoo, as well as what kinds of animals live there. For toddlers, follow their cues about animals that interest them. With children ages 3 and younger, close adult supervision is

  • 2.

    Visit a zoo, pet store, park, and/or circus. Notice animals, signs, and facilities. Take notes and ask children to draw pictures to help them remember.

  • 3.

    Find out about what people do with animals and who takes care of zoo visitors. Interview people about their jobs.

  • 4.

    Want to open a zoo? What will you need? Cages, signs, tickets, animals, zookeepers? With your friends, plan who will do which projects.

  • 5.

    To make cages, tear construction paper strips (ages 3 and younger) or use Crayola® Scissors (4 and older) to cut strips for bars. Find stuffed animals, or make your own, to put in each cage. Glue the bars to cardboard boxes with Crayola® Glue Sticks.

  • 6.

    Design construction paper signs for animal cages with Crayola® Washable Markers. Make a big entrance sign with the name of your zoo. Ask how to spell any new words.

  • 7.

    Create a map so visitors can find their way to, and inside, the zoo. Use markers and construction paper.

  • 8.

    Make tickets for visitors. Cut construction paper into rectangles (children 3 and younger use index cards). Write the zoo name on the tickets.

  • 9.

    Create name badges or hat bands for zoo workers, such as guides, animal trainers, snack bar attendants, cage cleaners, and veterinarians.


  • Asking Questions
  • Letters, Numbers & Words
  • Vocabulary
  • Physical: Eye - Hand Coordination
  • Physical: Small Muscles
  • Social & Emotional: Flexibility
  • Social & Emotional: Making Friends
  • Social & Emotional: Negotiating
  • Social & Emotional: Pretend Play
  • Thinking: Creating
  • Thinking: Observing
  • Thinking: Problem Solving