Fish Bowls

Fish Bowls lesson plan

  • 1.

    Enhance drawing and cutting skills with this project. Fish come in many shapes, so treasure

  • 2.

    Sorting by color is just the first of many ways Fish Bowls can promote children’s abilities to see similarities and differences. Ask them to sort by two or more characteristics. Label bowls so children know the categories.

  • 3.

    Study all kinds of fish. Notice their coloration, shapes, and movements. Visit aquariums, fish markets, and fishing boats. Study fish skeletons. Go swimming.

  • 4.

    With Crayola® Construction Paper™ Crayons, draw fish on several colors of construction paper.r

  • 5.

    If you are 4 and older, cut out the fish with Crayola® Scissors.r

  • 6.

    Decorate the fish with crayons and Crayola® Glitter Glue. Add fins, scales, mouths, eyes, and other fish features.r

  • 7.

    How can you can sort your fish into groups? By color? By whether they have scales? By size?


  • Reading Pictures
  • Vocabulary
  • Physical: Eye - Hand Coordination
  • Physical: Small Muscles
  • Social & Emotional: Flexibility
  • Thinking: Creating
  • Thinking: Observing
  • Thinking: Problem Solving
  • Thinking: Understanding Concepts