Anne's New Names

Anne's New Names lesson plan

Explore Prince Edward Island with Anne of Green Gables! Draw and describe this enchanting Canadian island in an accordion book.

  • 1.

    In <EM>Anne of Green Gables</EM>, Anne said, "When I don't like the name of a place or a person I always imagine a new one and always think of them so." When Anne first came to Prince Edward Island she saw many sights and gave them her own colorful new names, such as White Way of Delight or Snow Queen.

  • 2.

    While reading<EM> Anne of Green Gables</EM>, find three examples when Anne renamed something. Using Crayola® Metallic Colored Pencils, make a list that includes her invented names, the items' real names, and a description of what she renamed. Next to Anne's new name, create your own original name for the same item and write it down.

  • 3.

    Research the land, animals, people, and resources of Prince Edward Island. Choose at least three characteristics about this Canadian island, such as lobsters, sandstone cliffs, or red soil and, like Anne, rename them. Using colored pencils, write down your new names.

  • 4.

    Cut construction paper in half lengthwise with Crayola Scissors. Tape the pieces together at the short ends. Create an accordion book by folding the paper at least seven times.

  • 5.

    Cut two pieces of cardboard the same size as the book's pages. Using Crayola School Glue, attach both covers of the book to the cardboard. Dry.

  • 6.

    Using Crayola Gel Markers, Construction Paper Crayons, and your colored pencils, write a title, such as <I>Dictionary of Prince Edward Island</I>, on the front cover. Include Anne and yourself as the authors. Add decorative sparkle to the cover with Cray

  • 7.

    On the inside pages, draw pictures and write the new names and descriptions of the examples you chose.


  • Children read <EM>Anne of Green Gables</EM> to identify ways to represent Anne's creative descriptions of Prince Edward Island's characteristics.
  • Children research information about Prince Edward Island and incorporate this knowledge in an accordion book.
  • Children write their own creative descriptions of characteristics of Prince Edward Island.


  • Select your favorite scenes or characters from any of the<EM> Anne of Green Gables</EM> series and illustrate them in an accordion book.
  • Create an accordion book to describe characteristics of your town, city, state, province, or country. Give them creative, invented names.
  • Draw a map of your school. Make up descriptive new names for special rooms, hallways, or areas in your school.