Sparkly Snowflakes

Sparkly Snowflakes lesson plan

Create light, sparkly snowflakes! Decorate a package, trim a tree, or hang them in winter windows. Let it snow!

  • 1.

    When precipitation falls through atmosphere that is colder than 32°F (0°C), white or translucent ice crystals form. These crystals are called snow. Do you think every snowflake looks different than all the others? Try these steps to create your own unique snowflakes.

  • 2.

    Flatten a large chunk of white Model Magic®. Cut out snowflake shapes with large and small cookie cutters. Press the shapes together in layers.

  • 3.

    If you like, press mini cookie cutters into the Model Magic layers. Remove these shapes to create lacy snowflakes.

  • 4.

    Form Model Magic characters such as elves to decorate the snowflakes.

  • 5.

    Decorate with Crayola Super Sparkle Glitter Glue and sparkly chenille sticks. Air-dry before using.


  • Students research how snow is formed in the atmosphere as precipitation.
  • Students discover that each snowflake is unique in shape.
  • Students create individual snowflake designs for gifts or decorations.


  • Encourage students with special needs to work together or use craft sticks to cut their snowflakes if needed.
  • Create snowflakes out of materials such as craft sticks, cotton swabs, construction paper, and fun foam.
  • Research Snowflake Bentley to find out how he discovered, through photography, that each snowflake is unique.
  • Read books or search the Internet to find out the differences between snow, sleet, and freezing rain.