Why Is Water Important?

Why Is Water Important? lesson plan

How do you use water, every day or for fun? With your classmates, create a book about why water is important to each of you.

  • 1.

    Talk with classmates about all the ways people use water every day. On large chart paper, use Crayola® Markers to list ways that water is used where you live, including at home and school, manufacturing, electricity generation, and irrigation.

  • 2.

    On construction paper, illustrate one way that water is important to you. Write a sentence describing your picture or label your drawing.

  • 3.

    Compile all of the pages to create a class book titled Why Is Water <U>Important?</U> Read the book to each other and younger children in your school. Share your ideas for conserving water.


  • Students conceptualize and communicate ideas about the many varied and important uses of water.
  • Students create original art reflecting their ideas.
  • Students write and read orally a sentence describing their illustration.


  • Water is all around us. Complete an experiment showing the water cycle. Record your findings with drawings and charts.
  • Illustrate the water cycle on a large mural using Color Wave Markers.
  • In your community, where does the water come from? Trace it back from your faucets to its source. How does water get into the lake, well, or other reservoir?
  • Students with special needs could label their picture or dictate their ideas to someone who can write their words.
  • Assessment: Check that both the illustration and sentence describe real-life uses of water. Look for original ideas, details in the illustrations, and matches between the descriptions and drawings.