Wildlife 'Real Estate' Ads

Wildlife 'Real Estate' Ads lesson plan

Caring communities include space for nature! Create a convincing ad for a home for a native plant or animal.

  • 1.

    As communities spread out, spaces for native plants and animals usually become smaller, making it a challenge for native species to survive.

  • 2.

    Find out which large and small mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, fish, trees, flowers, and plants are native to your area. Are any of them losing their homes because of development? Research the habitat for one native plant or animal species. Find out what is required for it to survive.

  • 3.

    Real estate ads are usually used to advertise people’s homes. Use Crayola Markers to create an imaginary real estate ad for a home for the plant or animal you identified. These are just a few layout ideas—invent your own captivating design!

  • 4.

    In the center of the ad, you could draw the living thing. Create a border by writing words describing the plant or animal’s environmental needs. If you change your mind, it’s easy to erase and start again! Display your posters in your caring community.


  • Students research native plants and animals in their communities.
  • Students identify living things that may be in danger of losing their local habitats.
  • Students design visual ads to represent the habitat needs of a specific native species.


  • Make it count! Gather data on how many native plants or animals remain in your community. Enlist the help of interested residents to count how many times a certain native animal is spotted. Gather data to share with your local conservation group or newspa
  • Find out how you can join efforts to restore the habitat of the living thing you researched. Call experts. Enlist classmates, school faculty, community organizations, and your families to outline an action plan.