Working Together

Working Together lesson plan

Think about careers! Picture where and how you'd like to work and whom you'd like to work with.

  • 1.

    Find details about at least three different jobs that you might like to do as an adult: education, skills, setting, compensation, career opportunities, and other characteristics.

  • 2.

    Choose a place where you would like to live, such as the city, a farm, or a small town. What kinds of jobs are available in these locations?

  • 3.

    With Crayola® Washable Markers, draw a picture of yourself working together with other people in a job that particularly interests you. Include details about the work environment, such as landscape, buildings, and equipment.

  • 4.

    Write a pretend journal entry about your day at work, from breakfast to bedtime, using Crayola Colored Pencils.


  • Children research different types of jobs and locations that interest them.
  • Children create original artwork depicting their job preference, co-workers, and locales.
  • Students write journal entries about a day at work in the job they illustrated.


  • Interview classmates' parents or other community workers about their jobs. Visit their workplaces for first-hand knowledge.
  • Children who are emerging readers explore familiar community jobs, such as librarian, grocery clerk, or farmer.
  • Study various places in the world. Draw a picture about the culture, and imagine a person who lives and works there.