Parent Asks:
How can I help my children get their assignments organized?

Educator Answers:
The beginning of a new school year and at several mid-points through out the year, help your children develop ways of organizing homework assignments and school projects. Some tools such as organizer binders and calendars can be used to arrange materials and note due dates, but motivation, attitude, and planning are more important than the particular tools.

Set a time each afternoon or evening, when upcoming homework assignments are discussed. Help kids pre-plan for big projects that involve research, writing, illustrating, etc. Establish a routine for children to sit and complete brief assignments, too. Outline agreed upon expectations and good work habits to be followed in your household.

Give gentle time reminders to your kids as you see deadlines approach. Young students often have difficulty understanding the passing of time or planning work that is "due next week. Don't rush in to rescue a child who has procrastinated in doing assignments. This tends to reinforce this behavior.

Organization, responsibility, and a good work ethic takes years to develop. It is a process that requires consistency, good modeling, and accountability.