Enjoy a simple, unique family bonding experience anytime! Gather the family around the kitchen table to share thoughts and feelings through art.

Swap Art

Create art together by starting and swapping pictures. Have kids work in pairs or every family member can participate. Here are three ways to play:
  • "Color Doodles" starts by making crayon scribbles. Swap and have the other person turn the doodles into colorful abstract art.
  • "Mystery Scratch-out Pictures" is layered art made with a partner. Everyone fully covers a piece of paper with big crayon splotches of color. Don't worry about the design, just cover every inch with crayon. Then use a black or dark blue crayon to color over those colors, filling the entire paper. Swap. Partners scratch out drawings using a toothpick, paper clip, or pen cap. The hidden colors make each picture a surprise!
  • "Picture Puzzles" turn art into puzzles. First, everyone draws a picture on paper or thin cardboard. Then every picture is cut into 6-8 pieces. Swap. Partners put the pictures back together like puzzles.Family

Favorites Murals

Learn more about family members while creating a big "Family Favorites" mural. Use a large roll of paper or poster board and Crayola markers or crayons. On the mural, all family members draw their favorite foods, sports, colors, holidays, and animals. Display this as a big, beautiful record of the family's similar and individual tastes and interests.

Art Night Marathon

Start a new family tradition that takes place weekly or monthly. Gather your family and your Crayola art supplies to create amazing arts & crafts together. Search Crayola.com for Arts & Crafts to help you celebrate upcoming holidays or family events, or to help you celebrate being a family!

Roots and Leaves

Explore your names and family history. First and last names have special meanings. Check out where your names came from and what they might mean. Draw a family tree that shows ancestors and relatives. Where did your ancestors live? Look up those places on the Internet and learn more about your family roots. Family structures, like trees, vary in their shape and form. Draw roots, branches and leaves to show how family members are related to you.

The Family News

Your kids can keep relatives and long distance friends up-to-date on family news by writing an original family newsletter. Look at your local newspaper or family Web sites for ideas on feature stories, clever headlines, interviews and illustrations. This could be a kids' project, or everyone in the family could take a different job, such as interviewing, illustrating, writing, editing, designing, photocopying, and mailing or e-mailing the finished news.