Parent Asks:

I feel silly, but when I meet with my son's teachers at school, I feel uncomfortable and anxious. His teachers have always been positive about my son, his behavior, and school work, so I don't understand why I feel uneasy. What can I do to feel less anxious?

Educator Answers

It is natural for parents to sometimes feel uncomfortable in their child's school. Emotional reactions can be based on childhood memories, confusion over expectations, or even misunderstandings that have occurred with educators in the school. There are several ways you could try to build your comfort level.
  1. If your schedule can accommodate, spend time volunteering in your child's school. This will give you an opportunity to see, first hand, how the teacher and staff manage the students, curriculum, playground and lunchroom. Observing this process may help you feel less anxious about the setting and people
  2. Prior to the school visit, contact the teacher with questions or ideas you have via phone, while you are volunteering, or send written notes in your child's backpack. This will help launch a good pattern of communication between you and your son's teacher.