Parent Asks
What do teachers and schools really mean when they talk about parent involvement?

Educator Answers:
Traditionally, parent involvement at schools has focused on volunteers who help teachers and school personnel with many of the activities at the school and in the classroom, such as field trip chaperones, room parents, party organizers, and phone communicators. But being involved parents embodies much more than those roles.

In order for children to come to school "ready to learn" each day, educators recognize that a great deal of commitment, responsibility, and effort by parents is absolutely critical. So while having parents help out at school is always appreciated, there is also the recognition that "parent involvement" also means assuring children have:
  • safe, nurturing, clean homes
  • nutritional food and routine health care
  • secure, loving relationships
  • appropriate clothing for weather conditions
  • feelings of connection with others in the family and neighborhood.
  • opportunities to communicate with others who care about "what happens at school"
  • daily routines that include adequate, balanced amounts of time for structured learning, play, and rest
  • opportunities to learn, be appreciated and shine in a variety of ways
  • homework routines that encourage responsible study habits
While attending Parent Teacher Open House, Conferences, and school events are very important, remember parent involvement occurs every day. Open the backpack, open the dialogue, and get involved!