Children are eager to show off their artwork and get a response. Ever wonder how to reply? Advise from kids follows:
  • First, have your eyes talk! Beam me a smile and make your eyes glow when you talk about my artwork.
  • Don't ask me what it is. The "what" isn't important. Let's talk about how I made it, what I like best about it, and what I enjoyed about this art experience.
  • Let's decide where we will display it. Does this one go to your work or hang in my room? Is the refrigerator door full? Let me help decide what I take down to hang this masterpiece.
  • Notice the colors, lines, shapes and motion I used to create the artwork. Sometimes that is more important to me than trying to draw a "thing".
  • Recognize how hard I worked, the feelings I have and what I'm trying to communicate in the artwork. Build my pride and confidence.

Childrens Artwork