Educator Asks:
Given the hectic pace that most families have, I'd like to hear how parents set their weekend priorities.

Parent Answers:
Like most families, our weekends are used to both catch up with each other and get to the chores that can't get accomplished during the week. While I'm busy running errands, grocery shopping, and doing laundry, I involve my kids in all those activities. Kids develop a good work ethic helping with a few jobs around the house, too. Perhaps folding laundry is something children can be responsible for.

Often my older kids have homework that has to be done over the weekend. We visit the library and make sure homework projects are done before Sunday night.

We also schedule fun! We create artwork, go to a concert, or play games at a special family time during the weekend. We find Saturday night is best for this focused family time. We pull out the paint, scissors and glue and go to it!