Simply Creative Fun

Make creative experiences part of your kids' daily routine and each special occasion your family celebrates.

Make Games

Games don't always come in a box. Your kids can make them! Remember the classics and create homemade Bingo and tic-tac-toe. All you need is paper and Crayola art supplies. Check out the Coloring & Activities section for Print & Craft games. Just print, color and play. Or create your own games with help from Arts & Crafts.

Drawing Funny Memories

Provide paper and Crayola crayons and markers. Ask the kids to draw their funny memories. Try themes, such as "funniest Halloween outfit, funniest story, funniest school scene, and strangest food I ever ate." Then discuss the illustrations and enjoy learning more about your kids.

"Warm Fuzzies" and Acts of Kindness

Kids cover a recycled box, such as a tissue box, and decorate it with Crayola markers or crayons. On small slips of paper write dozens of "Warm Fuzzies" (loving thoughts that make others smile) and "Acts of Kindness" messages (thoughtful, simple acts of kindness that kids can do for the family). Fill the decorated box with the small, folded cards. Enjoy! Every night, after dinner, each family member picks a card. Kindness is sweeter than dessert. Refresh the box with new kindness cards, as needed.

Thanks to You!

Kids create cards for family, friends, teachers, scout leaders, coaches and teammates that show much they appreciate their special talents, helpfulness, kindness, humor, warmth, personality, effort and special friendship. Get the Crayola colored pencils ready so they can express thoughts in pictures and prose.

'Deck' the Walls with Art

Decorating with children's artwork is a wonderful way to celebrate their creativity. Show that you value what kids create. Hang their artwork in mats or frames. Take some art to work to brighten your office or work area. Send artwork to relatives. Decorate your child's room with personally created art originals. A fun place to hang artwork is above your children's beds, so they have something special "to look up to".