For Parents

Every child is wonderfully creative. So let’s give them the power to colorfully express what they’re thinking as they discover, explore and dream.

At Crayola, we’re committed to providing safe, high-performance products that allow kids to engage in worry-free creative play. When kids have the right tools to create, they are free to turn their dreams into visible form!  Nuture and celebrate the colorful creativity in every child!                      

  • Spark Creativity
    Spark Kids' Creativity in Four Ways

    Creativity is the ability to come up with original ideas, possibilities and alternatives used in everyday life. For kids, it is a skill critical to school and life success. Here are a few tips to help bring creativity into your home.

  • 52 Ideas
    52 Creative Ideas for 52 Weeks

    Creativity is a way of thinking that encourages children’s original thoughts. Parents can do simple things to expand their child’s creative thinking. To get started, check out our guide to 52 ideas for 52 weeks.

  • Be Creative
    Creativity is not about who is the best artist

    We need to encourage their curiosity, use common everyday experiences to inspire new ideas, build their confidence and use their art to spark conversations. Spark their creativity here.

  • Party Ideas
    Party Ideas

    From blowout bashes or everyday occasions – there are many suggestions to celebrate all of your memorable moments.