Birthday Bashes

Only one holiday is truly personal-each person's birthday! Birthdays are the time to celebrate, gather friends and family, reminisce, engage in favorite activities, and record memorable memories. Artwork plays an important part in both enjoying the party and making the memorable keepsake.


Match the Theme to the Honoree

What is the birthday kid's current fascination? Theme the party around space, dinosaurs, sports, ballet or pirates. What are the adult's hobbies and interests? Focus on quilts, sports, or travel to dream places during the party. Let imaginations soar with party ideas and crafts related to the party theme.

Checklist Planner

Use the Party Planning Checklist to help make sure you are covering the basics. Consider the location of the party, number of guests, type of food to serve, etc.

Design Your Own

Birthday parties start with invitations and include decorations. Make yours shine by designing your own. Use Crayola® Metallic Crayons, Crayola® Metallic Colored Pencils and Crayola® Glitter Glue to make the invitations and decorations sparkle. Create theme-based centerpieces, napkin rings, placemats, and name cards. Imagine the table graced with a fairy or knights-in-armor castle made of Crayola® Model Magic®. Even toddlers can help decorate Ring Around the Napkin rings. Party guests create their own festive placemats with Crayola® Markers. Name cards with a festive Crayola® Gel Pen touch are certain guest pleasers.

Scavenge for Fun

Build friendships with small-group scavenger hunts. Try the Alien Scavenger Hunt for a new twist to a familiar game. 


Add an unexpected twist to the celebration. Arrange for an unexpected, far-away friend or relative to attend the party. Fill a Party Piñata with Crayola® Markers and Glitter Glue instead of candy.

Party Favors and Personalized Party Bags

Order party packs of Crayola® Crayons for colorful party favors. Guests enjoy making Personalized Party Bags that they craft themselves and use to carry home the favors and treats.

Terrific Treat Cups

Kids will be delighted to make their own Tie-Dye Treat Cups during the party. These could be a colorful way to decorate the party table or send home treats with a personalized lid.

Art, Games and Activities

Plan an engaging mix of active games and creative activities. Guests enjoy both making and playing Funny Animal Face Ring Toss and Juggling Jesters. At a sports theme party kids will love to design Party Pennants. Ask guests to make cards for the honored guest, decorate their own placemats, or roll a large sheet of paper on the party table and have guests draw designs.


Relate the menu to your party theme. For the birthday honoree who adores French Impressionist painting, serve French cuisine and enjoy creating In Matisse's Garden artwork. Engage young and old visiting chefs in creative food preparations. Guests enjoy decorate-your-own cookies, cupcakes, open-face sandwiches, fruit faces, and sundaes.

Thank You Cards

Birthday bashes are complete only when the guest of honor has sent personal thank you's to each guest. Color cards and personalize the notes of thanks with Crayola® Colored Pencils or Crayons.