Create Everyday Creative Celebrations

Celebrate your kids' imaginations. Talk about new ideas, see new sights and find beauty in everyday objects. Explore nature together. Take a trip to a museum. Create art together in response to the inspirations.

Be Spontaneous

Take advantage of any opportunity to pause from life's hectic pace and observe the beauty around you. Talk with your children about the colors and patterns you observe and ask them to describe what they see. Nature provides ever changing panoramas and close up views of awesome art.

Look and Talk Along the Way

Make special use of travel time whenever you are going somewhere with your children. "I wonder how..." is a great discussion starter. Ask questions and really listen to what's on your kids' minds. Help kids focus on what they see as you walk or drive. Keep sketch pads in the car so kids can capture creative inspirations.

Get Three-Dimensional!

Art and craft projects can get "up, up, and away!"... involving imagination, planning, and construction. Provide the collage and construction materials. Watch sticks, cardboard tubes, wood pieces, boxes, Model Magic, and glue bring to life figments of your imaginations.

Spin a Magical Tale

Kids are eager to bring magical stories to life with Crayola® Model Magic®. You'll enjoy the soft, pliable texture, too. Your young Michaelangelo will find it easy to shape the Model Magic® into characters with rich stories surrounding them. Create creatures with tails that spin into tales.

Make a Museum Expedition

Find out about special exhibits at museums and choose those that appeal to your children. Each family member can prepare a museum sketch pad to build anticipation. Decorate a construction paper cover with Crayola® Washable Markers, and fill with plain paper. Pause for a creativity break in your favorite exhibit room and make some quick sketches of images you'd like to capture. Create museum dioramas when you return home.