Drawing Families Together

Spending time together bonds a family and creates childhood memories. Kids often use art to express their thoughts and feelings. Art can draw families together. Sprinkle on conversation openers and engage your children in heartfelt discussions while you are drawn together.

Family Fun Murals

Get large sheets of paper and create family fun murals. Pick a theme, such as holiday memories, birthday wishes, or everyday/any day favorites. Everyone gets drawn into the activity!

Strike Up the Band!

Music and art go together. Give everyone a sheet of paper and turn on the lively music. Express the thoughts, feelings and tempo of the music by drawing with Crayola® Washable Markers. See how the artwork looks different when drawn to jazz, mariachi tunes, or the 1812 Overture. Turn on the radio in the car and let kids draw along with mess-free Crayola® Color Wonder™ Markers and Paper. Stretch Crayola® Silly Putty® in time to music and pop bubbles for staccato effects.

Capture Vacation Memories

Vacation memories can be captured and reflected in artwork. Choose Crayola® Metallic Markers and Metallic Crayons to draw pictures with extra sparkle. Draw your favorite vacation memories and some of the frustrating experiences that you'll laugh about for years! Listen and learn about your children's perceptions and priorities.

Draw Dreams

What do your children hope for the future? Dreams are a great way to start conversations and to inspire artwork. Encourage children to put their dreams on paper with Crayola® Watercolor Pencils. For a dreamy effect, use a damp Crayola® Watercolor Brush to spread and blend colors. Or have kids draw pictures of dream clouds and fill them with visions of hopeful thoughts and experiences.