Egg-citing Spring Holidays

Spring holidays are filled with colorful signs and symbols of new life. Both Easter and Passover are egg-citing holidays that include eggs and spring symbols in traditional celebrations.

Make & Play Games

Get in the festive mood by making your own Spring Holiday Board Games. Create an original "Bunnies & Chicks" or "Where is the Afikoman Hidden?" board game. To make a board game use a poster board or file folder and Crayola® markers. Kids draw a path with spaces that are used to move from start to finish. Craft hand-made Crayola® Model Magic® characters to move along the spaces. Easter games could follow a path through the woods, be a mystery search for missing eggs, be a chocolate factory of delicious bunnies - the kids decide the theme. What family fun to design the tokens and a game board. Passover games could be about the ten plagues, crossing the Red Sea, or searching the house for chemetz. You'll enjoy these handcrafted games long after the holidays are over. Save them to enjoy at next year's Seder or Easter Party.

The Hunt is On

Both Easter and Passover include "hunts" as traditional children's holiday games, the classic Easter Egg Hunt and the Afikomen Search. Make those hunts colorful! Have children color and cut colorful pieces of paper to leave along their trail as they hunt, so they leave tracks showing "where they have searched". Provide clues for the children by placing Crayola® crayons, markers, and Silly Putty® eggs along the trail, letting them know when they are getting close to the big goal. Let "everybody" win something for collecting the crayons, markers and eggs, and give the big prize to whoever finds the special treasure. Kids can immediately use their colorful "finds" to enjoy making more decorations… what a delightful way to keep them engaged during a long Easter dinner or Passover Seder.

Decorate with Spring Sprigs

Spring is extraordinarily beautiful. Both Easter and Passover celebrate the fresh sprigs of green growth, from grass to parsley and other freshly blooming plants. Create an Easter Tree and decorate with paper Extraordinary Eggs, or hang your own Crayola® Model Magic® Eggs. Design Crayola® watercolor flowers, bloomin' bouquets, or egg-art, with touchably soft, spring-like watercolors.

Create Holiday Cards!

Create & Color Easter, Passover, and Spring cards. Paint your own greetings by cutting sponges into Spring shapes. Dip sponges into Crayola® Kids' Paint to create cards and gift-wrap. Add pizzazz with Crayola® Glitter Glue.

Tell Moving Tales

Gather round and tell stories about the "Bunny Trail" or "Moving from Ancient Egypt". Stories could be based on religious traditions or family memories of past holidays. Turn the stories into plays. Create costumes, masks, and hats. Children can write and illustrate the stories with Crayola® Colored Pencils.

Set a Festive Table

Both Easter and Passover include festive meals. Children can create colorful centerpieces, placemats, napkin holders, and name cards to carry out your holiday theme. Use coffee filters and Crayola® markers to create spring flowers for a centerpiece that says fresh for weeks. Paper towel tubes, cut in rounds and painted in spring colors, become handy napkin holders. Coordinate with child-designed placemats and name cards, too.

Craft Original Baskets

Children create their own goodie baskets from recycled plastic milk jugs, oatmeal boxes, cardboard boxes, or berry boxes. Construction paper, Crayola® school glue, scissors, markers, and glitter glue are the starring combination. Fill the baskets with color. Substitute colorful Crayola® crayons for Easter grass. In addition to tempting sweets provide colorful, artistic treats to whet children's appetites for lasting, creative fun.