Mother's Day, Father's Day and Parents' Day

Moms, Grandmas, Dads and Grandpas, all love to receive handmade gifts for the special days that honor them. Early in May and June each year, a special day is set aside to honor those who have done so much for us. The last Sunday in July is Parents' Day.

Parties to celebrate parents really sparkle when kids are part of the planning and decorating. Capture that family spirit with these ideas from!

Picture Perfect!

Every generation loves photographs, so put together a unique family album. Include both photos and hand-drawn portraits. Add pizzazz to the written captions by using Crayola® Metallic Colored Pencils or Markers.

Family Stories.

Children find it hard to believe that parents were young. Bring family history to life as kids interview grandparents or other relatives about what Mom or Dad was like as a child. Illustrate the story with Crayola® colored pencils and present on Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Hand Crafted Jewelry.

Moms and Grandmas feel really honored to receive jewelry sculpted especially for them by their children or grandchildren. Kids shape beads for a necklace or medallion from Crayola® Model Magic®. This jewelry is lightweight and sure to be worn with pride!

Frame the Day.

Make a special picture frame from Model Magic®. Take photos or make illustrations of the special day's celebration or fill the frame with a precious handprint.

Cards and Posters made with Love.

Make a real splash with a HUGE card that says "Thanks, Mama!" or "You're tops, Pop!" Create a dynamic mural or poster with Crayola® Washable Paint and Glitter Glue. List the many reasons Mom or Dad is wonderful-in lively outline letters.

Dine in Style.

Kids serve breakfast in bed to the honored parent, complete with handcrafted napkin ring and placemat. (Make the artwork the day before so it can dry.) For napkin rings, cut a recycled paper towel cardboard roll, then decorate with Crayola® Washable Marker and Glitter Glue. Design a matching "I Love You" placement.

Family Tree.

See your family roots and branches in a colorful family tree. Either draw the tree on poster board, adding branches for each generation and relative, or print out the Activity Book page.

Decorating for Dad or Museum Hopping for Mom.

Spend the entire day doing what the honored parent likes best. If Dad loves art, get out the paintbrushes and have fun decorating. Mom may wish for a day to enjoy art museums. Design invitations for everyone in the family announcing the plans for the special day.

Helping Hands.

Kids create Helping Hands artwork by tracing hands with Crayola® Crayons or Markers and decorating the art with promises of what help they will provide… carrying in groceries, cooking or cleaning up dinner. Mother's Day or Father's Day can last for weeks!