What Type of Party?

Choose a theme

Every party deserves a theme, whether it is a child's birthday party, a neighborhood get-together, or an extended family reunion. Themes help set the tone and create visual harmony with the decorations, invitations, and festivities. If your party is celebrating the tooth fairy coming to your house, choose a children's book, such as Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth, to read to your young guests. You might serve carrot cake and play hide and seek to find the lost teeth (made from Crayola® Model Magic®). Create a theme related art project that children can take home. For example, children could make tooth fairy pillows or keepsake boxes that could hold the lost tooth and coins.

Include a variety of activities

Party guests like different activities, so variety helps to change the pace and interest a mixed crowd. Plan an art activity, a story, and a physical activity for your guests. Food that the guests can help assemble or decorate adds entertainment value. Cupcakes or cookies that guests can ice and decorate are a big hit. Try colorful fruit and vegetable slices that guests assemble into edible artwork. Remember, activities usually take only about 15 minutes, especially when the guests are young, so have plenty of extra back-ups ready! Busy children are delightful guests.