A Garden of Learners

A Garden of Learners lesson plan

Picture yourself growing right along with your favorite fruits and veggies! Get to know classmates better and showcase pictures of yourself.

  • 1.

    Your teachers are like gardeners, tending their students. Here’s a fun way to get to know your classmates at the beginning of the year (take digital photos) or to make a memorable gift anytime with your school picture.

  • 2.

    <STRONG>Design the pot</STRONG>. Decorate the outside of a clay plant pot with Crayola® Gel Markers. Include your name, school, year, and colorful designs.

  • 3.

    <STRONG>Make a picture stick</STRONG>. Color a craft stick with Crayola Rainbow Twistables. Attach a picture of your face to the stick with Crayola School Glue.

  • 4.

    <STRONG> Sculpt</STRONG>. What are your favorite fruits and vegetables? Form replicas of them with colored Crayola Model Magic. Or, make your own colors by blending white Model Magic with the color from Gel Markers. Air-dry pieces overnight.

  • 5.

    <STRONG>Put it together.</STRONG> Fill the decorated pot with your fruits and vegetables. Press your photo stick in the pot. You’re ready to bloom in school!


  • Students creatively decorate a clay pot and craft stick with their photographs.
  • Students reproduce replicas of their favorite fruits and vegetables.
  • Students assemble 3-D representation of their growing knowledge.


  • Start a knowledge log recording the things that you know on a certain date. Return to it and add things as you learn them.
  • Find out what an analogy is. Find other analogies in your life.
  • Invite a former student of your teacher to return. Ask questions about what they remember when they were in your grade.