England's Queen Elizabeth I

England's Queen Elizabeth I lesson plan

Research the contributions of England's maiden queen then create a 3-D portrait.

  • 1.

    Research the life of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Discover the many paintings done of her--especially her coronation portrait. Choose one of her portraits to recreate in 3-D.

  • 2.

    Cover your work area with recycled newspaper. For the background of the queen's portrait, paint posterboard with Crayola® Tempera Paint and Paint Brushes. Dry.

  • 3.

    Outline Queen Elizabeth as shown in her portrait on construction paper with Crayola Colored Pencils. Shade in her face and neck with Crayola Multicultural Crayons. With Crayola Fine Line Markers, add her delicate facial features.

  • 4.

    Draw and color her clothing. If you are making her coronation portrait, color in her robe and place fleur-de-lis, leaves, and roses on the construction paper fabric with Crayola Metallic FX Crayons. With a hole punch, create many punctures in paper to resemble lace. Use this lace, cloth, artificial fur, yarn, jewels, pearls, and red doll hair to give the queen more dimension.

  • 5.

    Cut out the queen's clothing and face with Crayola Scissors. Attach them to the painted background with Crayola School Glue.

  • 6.

    Sketch her crown and scepter (or other items in the portrait) on recycled produce trays. Cut them out. Decorate with craft items such as jewels and pearls. Form the orb (ball) with Crayola Model Magic and jewels. Glue these pieces on the portrait. Dry.


  • Students gather information about England's Queen Elizabeth I, "the maiden queen who married England."
  • Students learn about the major contributions made by the Queen Elizabeth I, who shaped an entire era of history.
  • Students design a 3-dimensional replica of one of Queen Elizabeth's portraits.


  • Research and recreate several portraits of Queen Elizabeth I so your class can follow the queen's life in paintings. Display other images that portray Great Britain's history during her reign.
  • Produce a time line that shows events that occurred during the long reign of England's Queen Elizabeth I.
  • Trace the origins of England's monarchy. Draw a family tree. Find out about Queen Elizabeth II and her line of succession to the throne.
  • Research the historical and current connections between Great Britain, Canada, and other countries around the world who were or are part of the British Empire.