Fireworks Finale Card

Fireworks Finale Card lesson plan

Combine the science of fireworks, the art of written language, and the visual arts of fields! Use amazing new technology to create a memorable greeting card.

  • 1.

    On what holidays do you enjoy fireworks? They’re used around the world for celebrations! Fireworks are chemistry in action. Powdered chemicals are mixed and wrapped inside paper wrappers; these parts are called stars. Several types, sizes, and colors of stars are then layered inside a larger package with gunpowder.

  • 2.

    Because fireworks are controlled explosions, and the force explodes outward, fireworks look like lines going out from a center point. Some lines are longer and thicker than others. Some curve downward to the ground. Some explode again in mini-blasts. Each of these types can be very interesting with lots of colors.

  • 3.

    Look at pictures of fireworks. Notice how the lines are in various combinations and shapes. Practice making these lines with Crayola® Erasable Colored Pencils on paper. When you find a few patterns that you like, you are ready to use the exciting Crayola Color Explosion paper and markers.

  • 4.

    Cut Color Explosion paper into quarters with Crayola Scissors. Draw your version of a finale of fireworks. The awesome, random colors are revealed as you draw!

  • 5.

    Use a Crayola Glue Stick to glue your fireworks design to construction paper folded in a card shape. Use Crayola Markers (they complement the bright Color Explosion colors) to add your greetings and message.


  • Students investigate the chemistry of fireworks.
  • Students research and experiment with the visual patterns of explosive fireworks.
  • Students write appropriate messages (holiday greetings, thank you notes, poetry) on personalized cards.


  • Create full-page firework artwork. Mount the pages together in a festive collage.
  • Research how and when the Chinese invented fireworks. Learn more about how fireworks displays are created by pyrotechnicians.
  • Find out which international holidays are celebrated with fireworks. Create a calendar display of fireworks for each colorful holiday.
  • Assessment: Check to see that the student’s fireworks are created with lines all stemming from the center of the explosion point. Also note that the written verse is appropriate to accompany the visual image.