Surfin' Santa Card

Surfin' Santa Card lesson plan

Santa on a speedboat or surfboard instead of a sleigh? December is warm in much of the world. Design holiday cards to fit the season—and the climate!

  • 1.

    When you think of Christmas, do you think of snow, sleighs, and hot cocoa? In many parts of the world, including Florida, Brazil, and Australia, Christmas and related December holidays are just as festive, but they are celebrated with a slightly different twist because it's warm! In the Southern Hemisphere, December is summer.

  • 2.

    Locate areas around the world that are close to the equator. Which countries are located in the Southern Hemisphere? What do you think the climate is like on Christmas Day in these areas?

  • 3.

    Find out how people living in warm climates celebrate Christmas. How do you think Santa Claus dresses for a balmy or steamy Christmas? In shorts and a muscle shirt? Does he get around in speedboat or on a surfboard? An Australian song states that, instead of reindeer, large kangaroos pull Santa's sleigh.

  • 4.

    Fold paper into a card. Sketch your holiday greetings from or to Australia or another warm-weather location with Crayola® Colored Pencils. Write your message and draw on the outside and inside of the card.

  • 5.

    Have a Merry Christmas—wherever you are!


  • Students explore December climates in Southern and Northern Hemispheres, including areas close to the equator.
  • Students research how Christmas is celebrated in warm climates.
  • Students create greeting cards to express their understanding of winter holiday traditions in warm areas.


  • The smells of Australian Christmases are distinctive. Think sand and seawater. The eucalyptus tree is an alternative to pine trees, which have to be imported or are artificial. Smell a sprigs of eucalyptus from a floral or craft store to recreate an Austr
  • Find out about and make foods that Australians eat during the "Run-Up to Christmas," such as Lamingtons, Pavlova, and plum pudding. Would you want to spend a summer day in a hot kitchen cooking a turkey or ham?
  • Learn about warm-weather sports that are played on the day after Christmas, which is Boxing Day.