Fluffy Bunny Puppet

Fluffy Bunny Puppet craft

Hippity hop! These nifty rabbits jump right into the hearts of everyone they meet! Best of all, they’re easy enough for very young children to make.

  • 1.

    Traditional folklore is filled with bunny tales (rabbits live on every continent except Asia and Antarctica). Puppets are great fun for retelling folktales, sharing feelings, and celebrating spring holidays. Make several Fluffy Bunny Puppets to keep the good times hopping!

  • 2.

    Begin with bunny ears! Tear two long white rabbit ears out of construction paper. Tear pink pieces that are a bit smaller. Glue pink pieces on the ears with Crayola® Glue Sticks. Glue the ears to the back of the closed bag (not on the folded part).

  • 3.

    Give bunny a face. Tear two large pink circles. Glue them to the lower edge of your closed paper bag bottom. Tear out big white teeth. Outline them with Crayola Gel Markers. Glue the teeth under bunny’s cheeks. Tear a small black triangular nose. Glue it over the cheeks. Draw two large eyes over the nose.

  • 4.

    Add a soft touch. Tear two legs out of white paper and glue to the bag sides. Glue on torn-paper feet pads. Draw whiskers, eyelashes, and other details. Glue on cotton balls to finish your Fluffy Bunny. It’s time to tell rabbit tales to your friends!