Inside a Purple Purse

Inside a Purple Purse craft

What's inside Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse? Celebrate Lilly's unique purple purse, or invent your own character with a heliotrope handbag or bookbag.

  • 1.

    Read Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse to find out what is inside her new purse and why she got in trouble at school. Or just have fun imagining what could be found inside someone's purple plastic purse or bookbag.

  • 2.

    Cover your art area with newspaper. Using Crayola® Washable Kid's Paint and Crayola Paint Brushes, paint a piece of construction paper bright purple. Dry.

  • 3.

    With Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils, draw an outline of a purse on the back of the painted paper. Draw the purse bottom, top flap, and handle. Cut pieces out with Crayola Scissors.

  • 4.

    Run Crayola School Glue around three sides of the bottom section. Attach the purse to a piece of paper. Run glue across the top edge of the purse flap and attach it so it overlaps the bottom half. Add a gold clasp to the top flap using a sequin or craft j

  • 5.

    Draw and color a picture of Lilly, or anyone who might carry a heliotrope handbag, on construction paper. What is your character wearing on her feet? Does she have a hat? Make her clothes as colorful as her purple purse!

  • 6.

    What's inside the purple purse? Draw sunglasses, coins, and other items. Decorate them with Crayola Gel Markers and Crayola Glitter Glue. Dry.

  • 7.

    Cut out the purse's contents. Glue the items around and inside the open flap of the purse.

  • 8.

    Decorate the rest of your poster with designs that suit someone who would carry a purple plastic purse.