Mighty Masks

Mighty Masks craft

Mardi Gras can happen year-round with these fanciful faces. Kids travel anywhere in their imaginations and unmask new creatures.

  • 1.

    Think up your very own fanciful face mask. You might use an animal or clown face as a starting point, then imagine your own unique details such as horns, fangs, or bright shapes for hair.

  • 2.

    Shape the base of your mask with Crayola® Model Magic®, leaving two openings for eyes.

  • 3.

    Craft details such as facial features or ears with different colors of Model Magic. Use a craft stick or plastic dinnerware to shape and add designs and texture.

  • 4.

    Allow to dry before playing.

  • 5.

    Optional: With Crayola School Glue, attach a craft stick to your mask to hold it up in front of your face.