Popsicle Stick Fish

Popsicle Stick Fish

You gotta SEA this ofFISHially fun craft at home! Dive into our fish popsicle stick craft using Crayola supplies and items you already have on hand.

  • 1.

    Cover 4 popsicle sticks with paint. Dry 1–2 hours. Add second coat. Dry 1–2 hours.

    Step 1
  • 2.

    Glue popsicle sticks in diamond shape to create fish body, leaving slight overhang on one side for tail. Dry 15–30 minutes.

    Step 2
  • 3.

    Trace outline of fish on cardstock. Cut out.

    Step 3
  • 4.

    Glue cardstock to back of popsicle sticks for scales.

    Step 4
  • 5.

    Sketch and cut out construction paper tail. Glue to back of popsicle sticks. Let all glue steps dry 15–30 minutes.

    Step 5
  • 6.

    Draw details on tail with markers.

    Step 6
  • 7.

    Glue wiggle eye to front of fish. Dry 1–2 hours.

    Step 7
  • 8.

    Create a school of fish for a swimmingly good time!

    Step 8